How to get a public link to your OPML file
by Little Outliner Thursday, July 14, 2016

Suppose you're creating an outline that's meant to be used with another web app. You'll need a link to the OPML file for that. Here's how you get it.

  • Make sure the outline you want to make public is in the current tab in LO2. 
  • Choose Get public link in the File menu. Confirm that you want to make it public. 
  • A dialog will appear with a link highlighted. This is not a link to the OPML file. It's a human-readable version of the outline that is kept in synch with the outline as you edit it. It's useful, but it's not what you want. 
  • Now that the outline is public, choose View OPML in the File menu.
  • The OPML text will display. More important, the URL of the OPML file will be in the address bar of the browser. Copy it. That's it, you now have a public link to the OPML file.
  • Caveat: Of course any changes you make to the outline will now be public.
  • Also: Once an outline has been made public there's no way to make it private. You can however remove all the text from the file. Which is pretty much the same thing as deleting it. 

Example: Here's a link to the OPML file for my current (public) todo list.