Edit a glossary for 1999 w LO2
by Little Outliner Monday, July 11, 2016

I want to see if I can use LO2 to edit a glossary for 1999.io.

Here's a glossary link: Little Outliner .

And here's another, which is a picture of the Mets mascot, the dorky..

Hot damn it worked!

Here's the link to the glossary OPML file.

How to

First I created a new outline called glossary.

Then I added two top level items as you can see in the OPML file linked to above.

I made the file public using Get Public Link in the File menu.

Choose View OPML again in the File menu.

Copy the URL in the address bar in the browser. That's the address of the OPML file. 

In 1999.io open the Settings, go to the last panel Misc, paste the URL into the Glossary entry and click OK to save. 

Reload 1999.io (this causes it to load the glossary).

Then when I entered quote Little Outliner quote it replaced it with the link, as it was supposed to and changed quote Mr Met quote to the image of the dapper Mr Met.

Interop is awesome!! ;-)